We understand that the legal side of purchasing a property can be confusing and stressful. Not all transactions go smoothly, hence the reason you should engage the services of a Conveyancer to guide you through the process.

If you are buying a property, we will:

  • Ensure that all of your legal rights are protected and that you get title to what you have purchased
  • Investigate issues affecting the property
  • Prepare legal documents to ensure transfer of title into your name
  • Calculate financial adjustments including rates, water and body corporate levies
  • Co-ordinate banks, solicitors and agents to ensure settlement occurs
  • Effect settlement on your behalf
  • Notify the rating authorities of your purchase
  • Commit to keeping you informed on how the conveyance is progressing

Remember, we have handled thousands of conveyances for sellers and buyers so we have experienced almost every conveyancing scenario. This works to your advantage as it means we can deal with any situation to keep the transaction as stress free as possible for you. When all you do is conveyancing, you get very good at it!

So you have decided to buy. Here is a breakdown of the conveyancing procedure. We aim to simplify the process to leave you with time for the more important things.

Purchaser – Person buying the property

Step 1
When you find your dream home, this is the best time to engage your Conveyancer, prior to committing to buy we can:

  • review the Section 32 Vendors Statement
  • discuss the proposed contract with you and if necessary, guide you on your offer to purchase
  • provide you options for pest and building inspections, finance and contract terms
  • work with the real estate agent

At this stage you should contact your broker/lender and advise them that you have found the property you wish to buy.

Step 2
If you have already committed to buy we will:

  • review the Section 32
  • review your Contract
  • advise you with regard to your responsibilities
  • confirm terms of the Contract
  • liase with you regarding finance approval.

Step 3
Once the Contract has become unconditional we will

  • prepare documentation to Transfer Title
  • prepare documentation necessary for any Stamp Duty Exemptions
  • keep you well informed on the progress of the matter
  • answer any questions that you may have
  • work with your lender so that their requirements are met
  • carry out property enquires in relation to the property

Step 4
When your matter is ready to settle, we will:

  • confirm with you the amount owing to the vendor at settlement (i.e., pro rata adjustment of rates and taxes) and what cheques are required from you (if any)
  • arrange a time to settle with the vendor’s conveyancer and your lender
  • attend settlement on your behalf (you do not need to attend settlement)
  • confirm with you and the real estate agent once settlement has taken place

Prior to settlement (i.e. within 3 days prior to settlement but preferably on the morning of settlement), you should conduct your final inspection of the property to ensure no damage has been done to the property between entering into the Contract and settlement (other than fair wear and tear).

Step 5
The best part, collect the keys from the real estate agent and begin enjoying your new home!