-Section 32 Vendors Statements
-Sale and Purchase transactions
-Refinancing and Mortgage discharges
-Auction contracts
-Transfers between related parties
-Stamp Duty benefits
-First home buyer applications
-Peoples pension exemptions

Our Conveyancing Service Commitment to you

At Southern Peninsula Conveyancing we believe the quality of every interaction defines our success. Our primary concern is to respond to the needs of our clients and other stakeholders with a level of excellence in communication that we are proud to be judged on.

Our Service Commitment to you

  • Utilise our extensive experience as The Peninsulas Leading Conveyancing Specialist
  • Ensure the best outcome for you
  • Provide fixed fee* quotes and general contract advice.
  • Respond promptly to clients on receipt of contract
  • Keep all parties informed at every step of the transaction
  • Quickly advise all parties on matters that require urgent attention
  • Ensure the contract progresses to a satisfactory conclusion
  • Inform you of the relevant options available to you
  • Answer phones and emails in a prompt and efficient manner
  • Provide courteous and attentive service to all who interact with Southern Peninsula Conveyancing