We appreciate that the process of selling your home can be stressful. We want to make the conveyancing process as stress free as we can, so you can enjoy the sale!

If you are selling your property, we will:

  • Ensure that your legal rights are protected and the transaction progresses to settlement without hassle
  • Review all legal documentation and calculate financial adjustments (i.e. rates, water and body corporate levies etc.)
  • Co-ordinate banks, solicitors and agents to ensure settlement occurs
  • Ensure the effective release of mortgage/s with your lender/s
  • Attend settlement on your behalf
  • Forward proceeds by way of bank cheque or direct deposit to your nominated account
  • Advise the rating authorities that you are no longer the owner of the property
  • Commit to keeping you informed on how the conveyance is progressing

If you are selling a property and buying another, we can co-ordinate both contracts to ensure a smooth transition to your new property.

Southern Peninsula Conveyancing Have handled thousands of conveyances for sellers and buyers. When all you do is conveyancing, you become the best at it!

So you have decided to sell. Here is a basic breakdown of the conveyancing procedure for sellers. We can help you through every step of the way.

Vendor – Person selling the property

Step 1
Once you have decided to sell, we will:

  •     prepare a Vendors Statement in accordance with your instructions
  •     provide a Vendors Statement to your real estate agent in a timely manner so marketing can start
  •     provide you with a copy of the Vendors Statement to ensure that your disclosure of all of the details affecting the property are          correct prior to a Contract being entered into.
To enable us to prepare a Vendors Statement please complete the Section 32 Questionnaire at the foot of this page and return it to our office.

Step 2
When a buyer is located and you have accepted their offer, we will:

  • contact you as soon as we received a Contract from the Selling Agent
  • arrange for you to sign documents to necessary to discharge your Mortgage and obtain a release of your deposit.
  • keep you informed of progress of any Contract terms.

Step 3
When contracts have become unconditional, we will:

  •     advise your Lender of the sale and settlement dates
  •     answer any questions that you may have
  •     prepare required documentation and provide you with the Purchasers transfer form for execution.
  •     ensure the requirements of your discharging mortgagee have been satisfied

Step 4
When your matter is ready to settle, we will:

  • confirm with you the amount owed to you by the purchaser at settlement (i.e., pro rata adjustment of rates and taxes) and what cheques you require
  • arrange a time to settle with the purchaser’s conveyancer and your lender
  • attend settlement on your behalf (you do not need to attend settlement)
  •  confirm with you and the real estate agent once settlement has taken place

Step 5
Congratulations, you have now sold your property. At this stage you should arrange to disconnect electricity, gas, telephone and other services. We handle notification with your local council and Water Service.

Section 32 Questionnaire